Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The Pelicans will be here soon

Originally uploaded by John's Images
I found this beautiful photo on Flickr by John from Tulsa. This isn't taken on Grand Lake, where I live, but it is close.
The Pelicans are beautiful and I love to watch them spiraling in the sky. When I watch them I always get a really good feeling, like God's in HIs heaven and things are great at that moment.
We will have a Pelican festiful the first week of October (3,4 & 5th) and the Brush and Palette Club is renting a booth to display art so that we can show off what we do. We will also have the winners of the "Pelican" Art Contest at the booth wil us, so everyone can see the talent that Grand Lake has to offer. Thanks to John of Tulsa for this beautiful photo.

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