Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday Night Art Church

This is a community project. There are about 6 or 7 people working on this. It is not finished yet. I will post the finished project. There is a wonderful feeling when you stand in front of this and it is an honor being able to participate in this project. I feel humbled when I am working with other people who love Jesus and we are doing art that we pray will make Him happy. The beginning thoughts for "Grace" came from a song line "all the vain things that comfort me", so we explored all the vain things that we turn to, instead of God, when we need comfort or guidence. We also did some word research when starting this project. We learned a great deal about "Grace" and we are still, daily, receiving "Grace".

This Art Work is not for sale.

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Reyna said...

I dont know how I found your blog but i really enjoyed what you wrote, and your desire to give Glory to God, im from Mexico and wanted to say hi, blessings! Reyna