Monday, September 29, 2008

The Pelicans are Coming!

It is time for the Pelicans to arrive at Grand Lake and it is also time for Grove to hold the annual Pelican Festival. The Brush and Palette Club and Gallery held a contest for pelican art. This is my entry in that contest. The winners of the contest will be shown at the Pelican Festival in the booth of the Brush and Palette Club. There are a lot of great entries in the contest so I don't know what my chances of getting a ribbon are, but it would be nice to be shown off at the festival where all the visitors to Grand Lake will get to see it. That would be cool. The pelicans that come to Grand Lake are the white variety, so in my mixed media collage I included two brown pelicans that are standing on the dock. The title of the piece is "Brown is not "in" this year". The price of this Mixed Media art work is $245.00 plus S/H. The frame is dark wood.

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