Monday, August 18, 2008

I'm Going To Be A Grandmother Again!

My oldest daughter is PREGNANT! We didn't think this would happen so it is a total surprise... More for my daughter than for me, but still a surprise. of the best surprises I have had in a long time. The baby is a girl and her name will be Shae. I'm so excited for my daughter. I hope she has a wonderful life with her child. I wish Tanya, Scott and baby Shea all the best.

This coming week the children's art classes start. I have been teaching private classes for a couple of years. I usually don't have a lot of students due to their time frame. I can only teach so many after public school lets out in the afternoon. But this year I have picked up some home schooled kids and that has added to the numbers. So, I took on a partner, Vicki McCaul. She is also my Vice President for the Brush and Palette Club. We work well together and understand how each other thinks. It will be nice to have help and maybe she can take over for me after a while because to be truthful, I am getting old and grouchy! LOL. (this is my sixth grandchild and I have great grandchild.)
Well, to be really honest, I want to do my art work and that's all. Right now I am working on a 3D piece that involves a Barbie doll. The theme of the show is "As Cold as a Long Tall Drink" and so I have put Barbie on the beach and given her a beach umbrella. It is goofy but I loved doing it. As soon as I can get a pic of the piece I will post it. Anyway, I have become very selfish about my time because I feel the clock ticking and I have so many things I want to try or collages that are already in my mind and I need to create the art while I have time. I wish those close to me understood this fact. It is like the driving force in my life. Time away from art is time wasted... unless, it is time spent with my God, husband or closest friends, that is precious time.

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