Friday, February 04, 2011

Friday, February Fourth, Two Thousand Eleven

As I am writing this, we are getting some more snow on top of the 18 inches already on the ground, the great blizzard of 2011, don't you know. In Grove, Oklahoma this much snow is very unusual but then we are generally unusual. Some love it and some hate it. My friend, Chris, hates it even more now that his mother has had Chris out shoveling the drive. What I hate about it is the COLD! lol The older I get the more I dislike cold weather and add a bunch of snow in the mix and it's worse. But what are you to do? Keep calm and carry on. That's my new motto.

New Photos Have Been Added
I'm writing this bit to say to all who come this way that I added new photos to the bunch showing the art show of Christian work from Vicki and I. Jake Schwartz took the new photos for us and we are thankful for the time he took to do this wonderful act of kindness. Jake is Vicki's son and a student at John Brown University, he is learning, what else, photography. Jake's education is already coming in very handy and he shows great promise. Look for his name in the future, I bet some great advertising ad photos come from Jake or anything else his heart desires. Thanks Jacob!
So what follows is the first Art Show from Creation Station. We hope you enjoy.

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