Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy New Year!

I pray that this year 2010 is a better year than the last. My husband and I were very glad to be rid of 2009. So on that note I am glad that I am still here to write on my blog occasionally. I am not a committed blogger but I like having one. lol I am not very committed to anything other than my God and my marriage and friendships. Other than that I'm pretty wishy washy. I do love collecting stuff to do art with, that is one of my luxuries...time to mess about with stuff. lol Maybe in this new year I will become a bit more committed to this blog....then again maybe not. Flickr is another place I like a lot and spend quite a bit of time there. Again, I love to gather images to use in art, more stuff for my art. Now if I would just commit to doing the art it would be a very good thing. Since we have moved the studio into my house for an interim, I am not doing as much art as I was doing. I don't go into the studio unless Vicki is here. I don't know why but I always have something else to do in the rest of the house. I miss having the studio in a seperate place where I had to go to the building. I could just walk away from my house and go somewhere else and forget about everything at my home. Now my home is aways there....calling and whispering....don't go play....stay here and do laundry, clean the bathroom, put dishes away, let the cats and dogs in and out (I am the doorwoman) and then look at your e-mail and get on Flickr. It is like an anchor or a ball and chain around my leg. Not that I don't love my home and all that it has to offer.....but I need to be able to leave it behind and "GO" do art somewhere....Oh how I need to do that.  I do pray that this changes soon. I need a space to create in...

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Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! I hope your muse returns soon too!


aka Callieflowergirl