Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer, 2009 has brought changes!

My life has been very busy since I last blogged. My daughter, Tanya, 6 month old (now 7 months) granddaughter, Shae Victoria, and her daddy, Scott, came to visit from Victoria, BC, Canada. I had not seen my daughter in a very long time and it was my first meeting with Shae and Scott. So it was a very exciting time. And I had a little trouble keeping up with a family that has a baby. It has been a while for that also. But, I wouldn't trade those memories for anything. Shae is the most beautiful baby girl, of course I am not biased.
Also, I now have two great grand baby girls, Alivia, whose mother is my gorgeous granddaughter, Megan, and Bailey, whose mother is my other gorgeous granddaughter, Heather. I have not been able to meet Alivia and Bailey yet, hopefully soon. They are also the most beautiful baby girls, according to the pictures I have seen. We are just a family of beautiful children because my grandsons, Tristan and Dirk, whose father is my wonderful and handsome son, Rick, are very very handsome. Okay, that's enough bragging.

After the visit with my family, Vicki, my studio partner, and I, moved our studio to my house. I have a great room that we took over from my husband (I think he is in shock) but anyway, that means that people are coming to my home on a very regular basis because Vicki teaches children's art classes. I think my greatest problem with this is that my dogs and cats are shedding. I mean really shedding! I think two of my dogs are coming apart. I need to get the glue bottle out and glue them back together. I fear that I will go looking for the dogs and all I will find is a large pile of hair. I have dreams about people trying to come into my home and having to fight their way through piles and piles of hair. We might lose one of the kids in a hair ball. Scary!

But, aside from the fear of the hair thing, I have enjoyed being at home. Now, this is not a permanent thing. We plan on moving into a building in downtown Grove in the future, but we must find the right place. We left the Brush and Palette Club and Gallery because the space was getting too small....or we were getting too big, we are not sure which it was...but we outgrew the space and desperately needed more breathing here we are, in my house. I think it is my friend, Joan's, fault, she was the first to mention moving the studio to my house.
Vicki and I have a vision for an art space called "Creation Station". This will be a space for all ages and different ways of achieving success at art through classes and workshops. We also would like to offer art therapy and jumping off workshops for adults who need the basics of beginning art. There will also be a "Running A Muck" area for children who need to let of some energy. Oh, and I almost forgot, our private studios will be there, Vicki and I will still be doing our own art. So, there is our passion. Art available for anyone and everyone who wants to do art. We love it!

So, don't go looking for me at the Brush and Palette Club, because I won't be there. But you can come see me at my house...that is if you can fight thorough the piles of hair. If you find a dog in the pile, will you let me know, I think I am missing one. Thanks!


miz katie said...

aw! Congratulations on seeing your grandbaby for the first time. You have every right to brag away.

and, oh, gosh! do i ever feel your pain about the shedding!! it's hard to keep up with the vacuuming. every day..gah! my big red fred is turning my hardwood floors into furry creatures. everywhere you look there's hair.

ps: i noticed that you link to my website in your sidebar. thank you!! you are very sweet! i'm not sure what's wrong with my feed, but i've updated several times in the past month. not sure why it's not showing the updates. hm..

Angela said...

Good luck with finding the 'right' art space. I have moved into a condo - well a year ago - it was what I could afford and it is a one bedroom. I went from a two bedroom with garage and yard rental to a wonder condo but space is premium. I keep thinking that I want to develop an art studio but not just for myself - a place where space can be rented out to other struggling artist like me who work all day 5 days a week but need a place and a community to be the artist we want to be. So, your move and plans inspire me. Good luck