Tuesday, February 19, 2008

How I have been spending my year so far. 2007 - 2008

I have been, and am, very proud to be the President of my art club, The Brush & Palette, this year and it looks like I will be in this office for another year according to the nominations that have been made. Being President takes a lot of my time but I think it's worth the time because I am able to work on projects that I think are important for the future of the club, local art community and young artists that are up and coming. I hope if you visit my town, Grove, Oklahoma, that you will visit the club and art gallery. It is located in a very old building that needs renovation badly but we sure can create some wonderful art there. The area is loaded with talent and we love showing it off at the Brush & Palette Club and Gallery.

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Bev said...


My son, Troy, has been visiting and learning with you, Ronda for several years. You facilitated Troy finding his own creativity giving him a freedom, which surrounds him with happiness. He loves to recycle what others consider discard and recharge it with his imagination using many mediums previously explored with you.

No one word or phrase describes the loving feelings we all have for you and the cherished relationship you and Troy share. Your office is filled with so many others, yet he feels refuge from the rest of the world while he has your devoted attention. You create a perfect opportunity for him to express his inner zest for life.

Thank You, Ronda, for bringing such JOY and Fulfillment into Troy's life and helping his see so much more in the world in which we all share our lives.