Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Domino Box

This is a wooden box that I bought at a flea market years ago. It was collaged with old horse race bets. All the hardware was either broken or gone. The wood had a couple of bad places also. It was in such bad condition that I put off doing anything with it for a very long time. But I loved the shape of the box, so I let it hang around. Finally, one day, the mood struck, and the rest is history. It had been restored for a few months, when one day a lady walked into the gallery who collected dominoes. I sold her some doms that I had turned into pieces of artwork...then she saw the box. It's hers now and I am 85.00 dollars richer. It's all in the timing.....SOLD!


trish said...

Ronda. Thank you for the great compliments on my blog. Hope you don't mind I added a link to your blog on mine. Keep up the fantatic work!

Rein said...

What a wonderful box!